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Tony Melo’s sec­ond ques­tions this month is whether I think stain­less steel wheel rims and spokes are a good idea or not. “Wouldn’t they be very brit­tle and crack eas­ily?” he asks. Well, stain­less steel has the rep­u­ta­tion of be­ing hard and brit­tle, but the term refers to a va­ri­ety of steel al­loys which in­clude a pro­por­tion of chromium. There are dif­fer­ing grades to cover a va­ri­ety of ap­pli­ca­tions and the one used for wheel rim and spokes should be suit­able for the pur­pose. One com­ment worth mak­ing, though, is that it is un­wise to use stain­less spokes and nip­ples to­gether other than with an ap­proved lu­bri­cant. Stain­less threaded into stain­less can re­sult in seizure or ‘galling’, which can lock the two to­gether be­fore the cor­rect ten­sion has been reached, so it is best to use plated brass nip­ples with stain­less spokes.

Only use stain­less spokes and nip­ples to­gether with an ap­proved lu­bri­cant

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