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Clive Wor­rall wants to paint his tasty tri­als Goldie frame – but hav­ing seen ser­vice with­out a bash plate, the lower tubes have taken a bit of a pun­ish­ing. He asks if I can think of a way to rem­edy the dam­age; or if not, if there’s a pe­riod re­in­force­ment that would dis­guise it but look in-keep­ing.

Well you can see why Clive wants to deal with it from the photo above. It looks a bit too bad for fill­ing by lead load­ing or braz­ing in bits of steel, and I imag­ine even if you filled the dents this way it will have flared out oval in other direc­tions and would still look pretty aw­ful. Short of cut­ting out the af­fected bit and re­plac­ing it, I can’t see much you can do un­less it’s pos­si­ble to elec­tricweld a few lengths of bar to the most af­fected ar­eas and then pull them out by us­ing a slide ham­mer process – ide­ally cold (al­though the steel is prob­a­bly too thick) or by heat­ing up the area with gas and let­ting it cool slowly af­ter­wards. Ei­ther way it’s likely to end up pretty gnarled­look­ing but might get the tube back round enough to dress out high spots with a ham­mer and fill the re­main­ing in­dents. Let’s hope so!

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