Norvin nuts go awry

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I took the Norvin, not the Goldie, to the Isle of Man (see page 84). Both bikes need a carb tune and I fig­ured the Norvin’s newly-fit­ted Con­centrics would be more achiev­able than the Goldie’s GP.

They were – and it’s now run­ning well and start­ing eas­ily. But I had a nasty mo­ment. Stop­ping for fuel, I no­ticed the dy­namo cap was loose but look­ing closer the nuts had vi­brated from the two long dy­namo body screws, leav­ing the brush and bear­ing hous­ing end flap­ping around. This could wreck the dy­namo, but is es­pe­cially bad news on a Vin­cent. The dy­namo sprocket runs jockey-style off the out­side of the pri­mary chain; any trou­ble in­volv­ing the dy­namo or this sprocket can lead to a bro­ken chain and smashed crankcases.

One of the nuts was still in the dy­namo cap, but the screws aren’t cap­tive and I didn’t have tools to re­move the dy­namo and hold them. Al­though the nut en­gaged with the threads, try­ing to turn it just spun the screw. It took an hour to tighten the nut us­ing an elec­tri­cal screw­driver through the mid­dle to re­strain the end of the screw; I edged the nut round us­ing a spike on my old penknife. Best I could do was get the one nut fin­ger tight, dis­con­nect­ing the dy­namo wires so at least it wasn’t sub­ject to elec­tro­mag­netic forces, be­fore gin­gerly rid­ing the 12 miles back to base. Lucky I caught it in time – even the dy­namo still works. Oh well, back to the Goldie!

If this hap­pens when the engine is run­ning, you’ve got trou­ble

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