Rolls-Royce Sil­ver Spirit

The Sil­ver Spirit isn’t the best re­garded of Rolls-Royces, but that’s kept prices re­al­is­tic

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Launched in 1980, the Sil­ver Spirit had a tough act to fol­low as the re­place­ment for the Sil­ver Shadow, which was still highly re­garded as its pro­duc­tion run ended. Ini­tial re­ac­tions were muted among the Royce cognoscenti, the Spirit’s lines be­ing hand­some but, well, per­haps rather muted. It was im­pos­ing, but was it im­me­di­ately iden­ti­fi­able as a Rolls-Royce? Clearly de­signed for the Amer­i­can mar­ket, how times have changed. Those Fritz Feller-penned square-rigged lines have stood the test of time and to­day it looks more at­trac­tive than ever, lack­ing the cod throw­back ap­pear­ance of its Ser­aph re­place­ment.

With a nigh-on 20-year life­span, there are plenty of Sil­ver Spir­its to choose from, at wildly vary­ing prices. There were four gen­er­a­tions dur­ing its life­time, and the slightly-ex­tended wheel­base Sil­ver Spur edi­tion is well worth seek­ing out.

WHY YOU WANT ONE There’s never been a bet­ter time to buy a Sil­ver Spirit or Sil­ver Spur. Prices won’t get any lower and good ex­am­ples needn’t cost much more than tempt­ingly-priced, need­ing-work night­mares. Buy a good one, keep the mileage down – but do ex­er­cise it reg­u­larly – and you’ll have a car that you’ll re­ally want to keep for a long time.

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