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Many, many times did BMC and Bri­tish Ley­land at­tempted to re­place the MG Midget. And many times the plans failed to come to fruition. The ADO70 is one such idea that at­tempted to meld the bril­liant Mini’s front-wheel drive me­chan­i­cals with a more stylish and sport­ing body. It was penned in the UK by Paul Hughes, and to keep costs down, the pro­to­type was built in Italy by Mich­e­lotti – with the in­ten­tion that the Ital­ian coach­builder would also be re­spon­si­ble for its pro­duc­tion. The one and only pro­to­type was driven to the UK from Italy back in the day, and eval­u­ated for pro­duc­tion. It didn’t hap­pen, but the pro­to­type was re­tained, and now it re­sides at Gay­don and is one of its more pop­u­lar ex­hibits. In terms of styling, it’s a mixed bag, but over­all, it’s a mod­ern and in­ter­est­ing pack­age that would have un­doubt­edly out-driven a Midget.


It wasn’t the most press­ing pro­ject on BL’s plate in the early 1970s, at a time of great cri­sis. Be­sides, the Midget was ac­tu­ally sell­ing quite well, so there was no press­ing need to in­tro­duce this po­ten­tial suc­ces­sor. Be­sides, it would have been slow and ex­pen­sive to build.

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