This for­mer US-mar­ket car has had its im­pres­sive match­ing num­bers her­itage con­firmed by MG ex­perts here in the UK

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There’s a bit of splut­ter­ing from the car­bu­ret­tors – put it down to sev­eral weeks of in­ac­tiv­ity be­fore the test drive, but check it doesn’t re­cur when you drive it. Oth­er­wise the XPAG en­gine feels in fine fet­tle, with plenty of power and no wor­ry­ing tap­pety noises or knocks. The sus­pen­sion is firm, but soaks up the bumps with­out un­to­ward shud­ders or noises. The gear­box en­gages ea­gerly and doesn’t whine ex­ces­sively, and the clutch is light and en­gages with­out is­sues. There’s also no vague­ness to the steer­ing, which re­sponds con­fi­dently to in­puts.


There’s very lit­tle to fault this car’s Bri­tish Rac­ing Green paint­work, which has a smooth fin­ish and no signs of blem­ishes or bub­bling. The bodywork’s in good con­di­tion, with no cor­ro­sion tak­ing hold on the mud­guards, rear whee­larches or around the door edges. The chrome­work is also fine, with no pit­ting on the ra­di­a­tor grille, mir­rors or wind­screen sur­round, and the 19-inch wire wheels are free of scuffs or marks. The hood has no nicks or rips, al­though the rear screen does have a few mi­nor scratches.


A lit­tle paint­work has worn away from the ig­ni­tion key sur­round and the dash­board trim im­me­di­ately be­neath it, but oth­er­wise the dash­board is in fine fet­tle, with no scuffs, scratches of dis­coloura­tion to the wood trim. The seats are in good or­der, with no rips or marks on the black leather, and the car­pets are com­plete, don’t have any un­sightly scuffs and aren’t har­bour­ing any mois­ture in the footwells.


The ven­dor has car­ried out some cos­metic work, in­clud­ing chang­ing the colour of the bodywork be­hind the en­gine from black to body colour. The 1250cc four-pot is in very good con­di­tion, with no grub­bi­ness on the block or sur­round­ing ar­eas. There are also no signs of any fluid leaks, and the pip­ing is in good con­di­tion and hasn’t hard­ened or cracked with age. Peel through the pa­per­work and you’ll dis­cover it’s was doted upon by its pre­vi­ous owner in the US, with re­ceipts for more than $5000 (£3400) of work car­ried out by Mas­sachusetts-based Clas­sic Coach­works. There’s also cor­re­spon­dence from the MG Oc­tagon Car Club since the car was repa­tri­ated last July, vouch­ing for the car’s her­itage and iden­tity.


Un­like a lot of Bri­tish clas­sics repa­tri­ated from the US there’s a healthy stash of pa­per­work and some club-backed prove­nance in this MG’s favour. Great fun.

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