Probe V6

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The Probe was a highly com­pe­tent car, but sad­dled with the aura of be­ing a lat­ter-day Capri, which it clearly wasn’t. Pow­ered by a 160bhp 2497cc V6, it was good for 137mph and a 0-60mph time of 8.5 sec­onds. To­day, how­ever, it’s al­most for­got­ten, but good ex­am­ples can still be tracked down. A fairly short pro­duc­tion run, from March 1994 to July 1998, com­bined with (sur­pris­ingly for Ford) lack­lus­tre mar­ket­ing didn’t help the Probe’s cause and to­day that trans­lates into lit­tle clas­sic in­ter­est. The up­side of that is low value, but any­one think­ing about own­ing one of th­ese clean coupés should be on the look­out now.

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