1967 rolls-royce MPw FHC

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Ap­pear­ance-wise the two-door Mulliner Park Ward coupe is nigh-on iden­ti­cal to its Cor­niche sib­ling, but the ear­lier car lacks the more in-your-face im­age. Sub­tle styling dif­fer­ences mean the MPW is more of a car for the cognescenti and here was a be­lieved pre-pro­duc­tion car that was from a time when the lovely deep ‘Chip­pen­dale’ dash­board was still fit­ted. Over­all it ticked the right boxes – good straight bodywork and a good colour, but the front seats would have ben­e­fit­ted from a thor­ough clean. Nev­er­the­less it was off at retail money, mak­ing this a fine re­sult for ven­dor and auc­tion­eer.

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