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It’s pretty ob­vi­ous just how crowded the auc­tion calendar has be­come this year, but I heard some­thing amus­ing re­cently from one of my friends in the busi­ness. Let’s just say he an­nounced his sale dates last year. But a few weeks back he re­ceives a call from an­other auc­tion­eer (who an­nounced their dates later) ask­ing if the first would change his dates as the sec­ond auc­tion­eer had cre­ated a date clash. Now I’m not be­ing funny, but surely the sec­ond auc­tion­eer would have noted the dates of the first and com­piled their calendar ac­cord­ingly to elim­i­nate any date­clash risk – you’d cer­tainly like to think so, es­pe­cially if they look­ing to draw in plenty of pun­ters. Ar­ro­gance, how­ever, can be found ev­ery­where it seems. Per­haps I’m ex­pect­ing too much from some el­e­ments of the auc­tion busi­ness, but for once I don’t think I am.

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