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Splosh­ing around in a damp Princess on the top of a Peter­bor­ough multi-storey car park for the ben­e­fit of the TV cam­eras. This is What (some) Brits Love, ap­par­ently. I have my own slightly bizarre con­nec­tion to the Queens­gate Cen­tre car park, from which the main pic­ture was taken. Back in 2011, I was ap­proached by the mak­ers of a TV se­ries, What Brits Love, be­cause they were look­ing for an en­thu­si­ast who ap­pre­ci­ated more, ahem, chal­leng­ing clas­sics. When they found out I owned both a Sand­glow beige Austin Al­le­gro and a Ley­land Princess in the same shade, they de­cided they need look no fur­ther. They’d found their ec­cen­tric English lu­natic.

The film­ing took place on the top two lev­els of the Queens­gate Cen­tre, which were closed off on a rainy win­ter day… much to the cha­grin of oc­ca­sional shop­pers who re­fused to be­lieve we had per­mis­sion to be there. They soon scarpered when a Princess and an Al­le­gro came squeal­ing around a cor­ner to­wards them.

The idea be­hind the seg­ment was to recre­ate a sort of Sweeney-style car chase, with me dis­cussing with pre­sen­ter Ben Lewis just why I liked these weird BL cre­ations in be­tween the ac­tion se­quences.

Ben drove the Al­le­gro, I drove the Wedge and it was great fun be­ing given carte blanche to roar through the sod­den con­crete of a multi-storey, safe in the knowl­edge that we weren’t go­ing to get ejected by se­cu­rity guards.

I be­lieve the sub­se­quent pro­gramme proved very pop­u­lar in Ger­many, Hun­gary and Poland.

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