Mean­while, some­where in Scot­land

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A few hundred miles away from all this A3 con­ges­tion, the Turner fam­ily was en­joy­ing some road­side re­fresh­ment, en route to a short break on the west coast of Scot­land. Or, at least, en­joy­ing the prospect of some re­fresh­ment, as the lit­tle camp­ing gas stove bat­tled against pre­vail­ing breezes to bring a small ket­tle to the boil.

There are many, many photos in my fam­ily archive of thirsty-look­ing peo­ple glar­ing at this par­tic­u­lar piece of kit, which nowa­days would be de­scribed as ‘not fit for pur­pose’. I’m not re­ally sure why we never in­vested in a more pow­er­ful ver­sion of this French-de­signed waste of space – per­haps be­cause it didn’t waste much, but most likely be­cause the an­tic­i­pa­tion was ac­tu­ally bet­ter than the luke­warm, tinny-tast­ing brews it even­tu­ally pre­sented us with.

Trans­port was the faith­ful Wolse­ley Fif­teen-Hundred, which by 1959 was start­ing its sec­ond sum­mer with us and would sol­dier on un­til we re­placed it with a new-fan­gled MG 1100 a cou­ple of years later. Quite a perky lit­tle car for its time, the Wolse­ley could hold its own on Euro­pean roads as well as back home in Blighty, its lightly-stressed B-se­ries en­gine be­ing des­tined for the later (and larger) Fa­rina range, as well as the MGA and B in twin-carb form.

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