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Even the most con­sci­en­tious clas­sic car owner can have trou­ble with emis­sions test­ing re­quire­ments. My SLK is a prime sus­pect for this, need­ing the usual fast idle/drop shenani­gans, de­spite clean PCV (pos­i­tive crank­case ven­ti­la­tion) valve, fresh plugs and new fil­ters. Be­fore test­ing, the ECU adap­ta­tions were cleared and codes read/re­set, but I also de­cided to give Cat­a­clean a try. The 450ml bot­tle needs to be added to 15 litres of fuel – about quar­ter of a tank. The SLK is run on Shell V-Power, and should be in good health, but there was a no­tice­able change in per­for­mance when the Cat­a­clean was in the sys­tem. Af­ter a fresh tank of fuel, the adap­ta­tions were cleared again. Emis­sions were passed eas­ily, and there’s now lit­tle change in econ­omy or per­for­mance from new de­spite a 100,000-mile en­gine. RKP On­line & High Street Stores

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