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Claim­ing records – plenty of auc­tion houses are at it, but does it re­ally do the mar­ket any good? Any se­ri­ously high price – the sort that mer­its a story in a na­tional news­pa­per – is in­ter­est­ing, but only for as long as you’re read­ing the piece. Oth­er­wise, to al­most all of us, it’s im­ma­te­rial, and an un­af­ford­able dream.

How­ever, we’re see­ing more cases of af­ford­able cars be­ing sold for ‘world record’ prices. OK, that’s great for the auc­tion­eer and good for the ven­dor, but what does it tell po­ten­tial bid­ders and would-be own­ers? What wor­ries me is that it can put bid­ders off: they might think the car of their dreams is no longer af­ford­able be­cause of that claimed ‘world record price’. Be­fore we know it we’ll see world record prices be­ing claimed for a 1984 Mercedes-Benz 280SL, and the fol­low­ing week a world record price for a 1985 280S and then for a 1986 model, mean­ing al­most ev­ery week a ‘record’ price will have been made. As good as this is, and a bril­liant mes­sage for the mar­ket, how long can it go on?

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