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Over the years I have lis­tened to the same old ar­gu­ments re­gard­ing when an old car be­comes a ‘clas­sic’. In the very early 1980s I ran a Mor­ris 1000, which at the time was uni­ver­sally con­sid­ered clas­sic. That car was, in fact, a mere 16 years old.

Fast for­ward to 2016, and my daily car is a Ford Sierra, which is 26 years old. Yet I con­tin­u­ally hear the same old ‘that’s not a clas­sic’ non­sense. I don’t take it to shows for pre­cisely that rea­son, yet there is maybe a hand­ful in the coun­try that could match it for orig­i­nal­ity and con­di­tion.

I also own a MkI Ford Con­sul (Granada), Granada MkII Es­tate, Es­cort MkII 1600 Sport, Mini Chelsea, Ford


Your Letters, The Ed­i­tor, CCW, A very nice ar­ti­cle on the Rover P4 110 ( CCW 8 June), but I was in­trigued by Nick Larkin’s con­clud­ing sen­tence, which reads: ‘The 95 and the 105 were of­fi­cially MkIs, but there’s no proof Rover ever in­tended to pro­duce a MkII.’

This makes me won­der if this makes my Rover P4 110 a very spe­cial and rare P4 in­deed. Ob­vi­ously, it’s spe­cial to me as it is to­tally orig­i­nal, and has never been painted or had any struc­tural work done to it. But, inside the pas­sen­ger door, it is marked on a plate as a 110 I was a me­chanic at a Hill­man dealer in Barns­ley dur­ing the 1960s, and I agree with most of what you said about the Imp in your 4 May fea­ture 25 Mo­tors That Made Bri­tain Great.

They were de­light­ful to drive and years ahead of their time. But you men­tion that the brakes were ‘wooden’. They seemed ad­e­quate to me, and I can’t re­mem­ber any is­sue with them. Yes, re­li­a­bil­ity was a prob­lem, es­pe­cially wa­ter pumps.

Per­haps if the Imp had been a Ford it would have been a much greater suc­cess – they’d prob­a­bly have mar­keted it a lot more ef­fec­tively and I reckon they’d have sorted out the re­li­a­bil­ity is­sues very quickly. Roland Fos­sett, Barns­ley, Yorks

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