The Nineties was a golden era for clas­sic ma­chin­ery. Sam Daw­son ad­vises you to grab a slice of it be­fore the mar­ket catches up

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The great books on clas­sic cars and car cul­ture in the 1990s have yet to be writ­ten. Although a gen­er­a­tion now looks back fondly on the era of Ja­panese grey im­ports, Super Tour­ing and queues for the Sega Rally ma­chine in ev­ery amuse­ment ar­cade, the clas­sic world of auc­tion houses and events or­gan­is­ers haven’t yet com­pletely wo­ken up to it. Although some of the more ob­vi­ous cars of the era have fa­nat­i­cal fol­low­ings – and thus strong prices – there are still le­gions of G-to-Y-plate cars out there at bar­gain prices.

Here are seven that we feel have some­thing more to of­fer than merely be­ing nice sec­ond­hand cars. Some were road­go­ing ver­sions of rac­ers that left con­tem­po­rary jour­nal­ists agog with ad­mi­ra­tion. Oth­ers were at the core of de­sign gen­res that have since passed into his­tory and will be re­mem­bered fondly once enough time has passed for us to feel their loss.

Cru­cially though, none of these cars will set you back more than £10,000 if you shop around. Most are avail­able for less – but only for the time be­ing. Keep your wits about you, arm your­self with ex­pert buy­ing ad­vice, and be pre­pared to pounce on a bar­gain when you see it – be­cause it won’t be cheap for­ever.

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