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AF­FORD­ABLE Fer­rari tried to give its cus­tomers four-seater ver­sa­til­ity, so its looks ar­guably aren’t the purest. Those who could af­ford to shun the Mondial did just that for years, sneer­ing that its four-seater cabin was hardly in the mould of the true Maranello ethos. But ac­tu­ally, that slightly ig­nored the huge tech­ni­cal feat achieved in de­sign­ing a semi-su­per­car that could carry two adults and two fair-sized chil­dren yet still re­tain a mid­mounted en­gine. It’s all very well to en­joy sports car he­do­nism when you’re sin­gle or one half of a dou­ble-in­comeno-kids power cou­ple, but when fam­ily cir­cum­stances change, then so do driv­ing tastes. The Mondial meant that mid-en­gined ex­ot­ica could re­main on the menu.

The cabri­o­let ar­rived four years af­ter the tin-top and is unique in be­ing an open four-seater mid­die. With a wheel­base just 4cm longer than that of the closely re­lated 308, its su­perb han­dling was never in ques­tion. Later mod­els got big­ger en­gines and ABS and switched from a trans­verse to an in­line en­gine lay­out, and later cars in par­tic­u­lar just get bet­ter-look­ing with every pass­ing year.

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