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It might look fu­tur­is­tic, but the CX still has feet of clay – or rather pan­els of steel – so rust can be a ma­jor prob­lem. Check the bon­net, doors and around the sun­roof on the shiny side and the sub­frame and longerons un­der­neath.

A hard ride means worn sus­pen­sion spheres – chang­ing those at the front is straight­for­ward, but the rears are harder to ac­cess. An ac­cu­mu­la­tor sphere hy­draulic pump that ac­ti­vates more than once ev­ery 30-45 sec­onds is over­due a change, too.

Chang­ing the clutch on a man­ual car is an en­gine-out job, a failed fly­wheel ig­ni­tion sen­sor cre­ates poor hot start­ing and look for ev­i­dence of an en­gine re­build in a DTR Turbo 2’s his­tory file – the orig­i­nal block be­comes por­ous.

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