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EN­GINE 3940cc/V8/OHV POWER 188bhp@4750rpm TORQUE 230lb ft@3100rpm MAX­I­MUM SPEED 105mph 0-60MPH 10.5sec FUEL CON­SUMP­TION 17-21mpg TRANS­MIS­SION 4WD, four-speed au­to­matic MoT None ODOME­TER 213,272 kilo­me­tres


Ac­cel­er­a­tion is smooth and there are no misfires from Rover’s 3.9-litre V8 to spoil the healthy ex­haust bur­ble. The ve­hi­cle has been in stor­age for sev­eral months, but fires on the first turn of the key with­out hes­i­ta­tion or blue smoke. The au­to­matic gear­box works up and down its ra­tios with­out protest, pulling well when press­ing on up to speed. The low-range sys­tem func­tions per­fectly too, as does the power steer­ing. The brakes are a lit­tle spongy but the sus­pen­sion ab­sorbs rough ground with­out ad­verse noises or wob­ble.


The chas­sis and bot­tom of the body pan­els dis­play some light cor­ro­sion, which was noted as an ad­vi­sory on the last MoT. The front bumper has some mi­nor blobs of white paint from a care­less dec­o­ra­tor and there are a few scratches to the paint­work on the pas­sen­ger side, al­though these are not deep and might re­spond well to T-Cut. The boot floor is dry and largely rot-free. There’s slight bub­bling by the front headights and some rust on the rear whee­larches. The rear door is a lit­tle stiff and there are three small red marks along the bot­tom of the front pas­sen­ger door. The camel-coloured fin­ish in­side has wooden trim around the in­stru­ment bin­na­cle, above and around the gear­box and cen­tre con­sole. While in good con­di­tion, the trim colour is largely lim­ited to Ja­panese ex­port mod­els and could be dif­fi­cult to source in this coun­try. All the di­als func­tion per­fectly, as does the CD/ra­dio. The light brown car­pet has worn well. Head­lin­ing is slightly scuffed and would ben­e­fit from a deep clean. All seats, in­clud­ing the two in the boot, are free from dam­age. The ven­ti­la­tion


The horn, wipers, heater and lights all work and there are no wor­ry­ing noises from the steer­ing, sus­pen­sion or brak­ing sys­tem. The en­gine idles healthily from cold al­though the ex­haust brack­ets un­der­neath the bulk­head rat­tle. The en­gine has been con­verted to run on LPG, and the sys­tem works well, though the fuel filler cap is miss­ing. There’s a re­cently fit­ted starter mo­tor, and the track rod ends have been changed. The air fil­ter box has been dis­con­nected, but shouldn’t be dif­fi­cult to reat­tach. The in­ner wings have evaded rust, while pipes and wires are se­cured where they should be.


Apart from cos­metic is­sues, this Ja­panese im­port Disco is ro­bust and com­plete. This is a rare chance to own some­thing dif­fer­ent from the Land Rover world. It should prove to be an in­ter­est­ing project.

PROS Ja­panese im­port in largely good con­di­tion CONS Has been sit­ting for a while, needs MoT

EX­TE­RIOR Scratches, some cor­ro­sion in places IN­TE­RIOR Seats and dash good ME­CHAN­I­CALS Strong en­gine and gear­box Brak­ing needs at­ten­tion sys­tem works well, with the un­usual roof heater vents for rear pas­sen­gers clear from any block­ages.

BUY IT FROM Pri­vate sale, Con­is­ton, Cum­bria, 01539 441765, info@cop­per­mines.co.uk


Cabin de­tail­ing was spe­cific to the Ja­panese mar­ket.

You’ll want to re­con­nect the air fil­ter again.

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