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Petrol goes stale, so a cou­ple of gal­lons of fresh ‘go juice’ will help bring your re­cal­ci­trant old smoker back to life. I’m no chemist, but I am aware that mod­ern petrol doesn’t re­tain its po­tency as well as the old, bad­for-peo­ple stuff did. A slight var­nish-like smell is an in­di­ca­tor that all is not well with the fuel, but I’d ad­vise against stick­ing one’s nose into the filler neck. Your car is go­ing to get through the stuff any­way, so popping a cou­ple of gal­lons – that’s 4.55 litres x 2 for those who still look pretty – into the tank shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

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