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The front wings and wheel arches are known to har­bour cor­ro­sion, and look at the head­light, tail­gate and in­di­ca­tor surrounds for signs of bub­bling paint­work or sur­face rust. Rust can ac­cu­mu­late be­hind cracked win­dow rub­ber seals too.


The four-pot en­gine is well known for its abil­ity to with­stand colos­sal mileages but it still has to be main­tained prop­erly. Make sure the oil pres­sure reads at least 40psi on a cruise and in­spect the block care­fully for signs of leaks. Be­ware blue smoke un­der ac­cel­er­a­tion, which sug­gests in­ter­nal en­gine wear. 3 ALL CHANGE En­sure that the over­drive works cor­rectly. If it doesn’t then chances are the cul­prit will be a faulty re­lay. The four-speed gear­box is a fairly hardy unit and is happy to rack up big mileages, as long as it’s been looked af­ter. Walk away from any car whose gear­box whines, crunches into gear or jumps out of gear un­der load. 4 IN­JEC­TION WOES A failed Bosch fuel in­jec­tion ca­ble har­nesses is tricky to reach and there­fore ex­pen­sive to re­place. It’s also worth keep­ing an eye on the in­jec­tion air pres­sure sen­sor for signs of wear.

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