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‘No job’s too big or too small’

How long has North Wales Jags been go­ing?

My fa­ther started it in 1990 and I’ve been run­ning it for 11 years. I’ve been work­ing here for 16 years.

What sort of work do you han­dle?

We’ll do ev­ery­thing, from ba­sic ser­vic­ing and tyres to en­gine and gear­box re­builds, to full restora­tions. No job’s too big or too small.

Do you carry out restora­tion work on site?

We’ve opened the premises next door to carry out long-term restora­tion work. At the mo­ment I’ve a left-hand drive Se­ries 3 E-type Coupé in for a bare-shell re­spray, car­bu­ret­tor change and re­plac­ing the four-speed man­ual gear­box with a five-speed. There’s also a first-gen­er­a­tion XK8 for some rear-end work and an X300 Daim­ler Dou­ble Six for main­te­nance – and a 1934 Packard!

Are you cus­tomers fairly lo­cal, or do they come from fur­ther afield?

We have a cus­tomer who lives in the South of France and he brings over his XK8 ev­ery year for a full ser­vice and, be­cause it’s still on UK plates, an MoT. There’s an­other cus­tomer who brings their car over from Guernsey ev­ery year.

When it comes to the cars you sell, what’s pop­u­lar?

S-type and X-types are very pop­u­lar but I’m aim­ing at sell­ing more sec­ond­gen­er­a­tion XK8s. I’m also get­ting a lot of calls for late X-types, and espe­cially the run-out mod­els: They’re a lot of car for the money and their smaller size helps their pop­u­lar­ity. Early S-type diesels are pop­u­lar too. I’ve also got a fully re­stored 1966 man­ual ’box 2.4 sa­loon at £30,000.

The X350 XJ is of­ten seen as the last ‘proper’-shaped Jaguar – are they worth buy­ing?

There’s cer­tainly no doubt that they were ex­tremely pop­u­lar but de­mand for used XFs has given the X350 some­thing of a past­ing of late. There are plenty of cars out there but good ones are be­com­ing in­creas­ingly hard to find. That said, they are the near­est to a same-age Bent­ley or Roll­sRoyce when it comes to out-and-out re­fine­ment. They do need reg­u­lar ser­vic­ing, how­ever, and the sus­pen­sion can oc­ca­sion­ally cause some prob­lems – a set of rear sus­pen­sion arms costs £550.

What’s your hourly rate?

I charge £60 per hour but I tend to do a job at a set price. I’d rather do that than be half­way through a job and then have to call the cus­tomer to say that it’ll cost more.

Is there one real stand-out clas­sic Jaguar worth buy­ing?

Late XJS mod­els, and espe­cially the four-litre model, are the cars that spring most read­ily to mind, but the catch is that they have to be orig­i­nal. The AJ16 en­gine is a crack­ing piece of kit and these cars are be­gin­ning to look like great in­vest­ments.

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