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Mur­ray fi­nally changes the Mazda’s cam­belt – but there’s a sur­prise in store…

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Over £400 – yikes, that’s a hefty bill. In fact, it’s pretty close to half of what my MX-5 is worth. But it’s not all about the money – any­one who thinks that there’s a quick buck to be made out of clas­sic cars is se­ri­ously wrong... Any­way, rant over.

Well, that par­tic­u­lar rant is, any­way – let me com­mence a new one. The blasted cam­belt has fi­nally been changed. But there was a dark se­cret lurk­ing be­neath the MX-5’s bon­net. Ac­cord­ing to the chaps at A&S Au­tos in Peter­bor­ough, my Mazda was on its orig­i­nal ‘belt. 120,858 miles on a sin­gle cam­belt? That’s mad­ness. But the tell­tale signs were there. Some­one had clearly tried – and failed – to re­move the crank­shaft pul­ley at some point, leav­ing me hav­ing to buy an­other one, (£70 for a used one).

Look­ing through the ser­vice his­tory re­vealed no sign of a cam­belt change ei­ther. I bought the car with around 100,000 miles on it, so I’d as­sumed that it would have had a change. How­ever, as­sump­tions are the mother of all screw-ups, as the say­ing goes.

Truth be told, I’m ex­tremely im­pressed that it got to 120,858 miles – about dou­ble what Mazda says it should do – though, be­ing a non-in­ter­fer­ence engine, it wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily have been the end of the world if it had let go.

While it was at A&S, I fi­nally had the driver’s side win­dow mech­a­nism sorted; it needed a new one af­ter an air­port park­ing at­ten­dant – prob­a­bly some mil­len­nial with no idea of how to use a man­ual win­dow – was too heavy­handed with it. Hap­pily, wildlife can no longer en­ter the car and the fix should hope­fully stop the mould too.

On that front, I re­cently stip­u­lated that my own con­coc­tion of up­hol­stery cleaner and wet wipes had got rid of the mould. How­ever, I’ve since dis­cov­ered that it’s merely masked it.

As such, please do get in touch if you a) have owned a car whose cam­belt has lasted longer than mine, or b) know any quick and easy ways of rid­ding a ‘96 Mazda MX-5 of mould.

Mur­ray’s Mazda in the ‘op­er­at­ing theatre’ at Peter­bor­ough’s A&S Au­tos.

Dolup­tatiis al­ibus mi, qui tem sim volup­tium adi­tat­i­bus cup­tati year-old on­se­quam cam­belt… Looks pretty good for a 21-

AF­TER Huz­zah – a clos­ing win­dow! A small change but one that makes a big dif­fer­ence.

Jammed win­dow win­der al­lowed var­i­ous creepy crawlies in and mould to form. BE­FORE

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