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Us­ing an Se­ries 3 ev­ery day would be a joy, al­though you would prob­a­bly find your­self on first name terms with your lo­cal fill­ing sta­tions. It’d be worth it though, just to experience that silky ride, com­fort­able in­te­rior, smooth au­to­matic gear­box and gen­eral cos­set­ing ev­ery day, knowing that it has the power to con­quer any mo­tor­way and find gaps in the traf­fic as you bar­rel along ur­ban roads. You won’t find long trips tir­ing either, and ex­cel­lent vis­i­bil­ity and pow­eras­sisted steer­ing – and the fact that it’s not a huge car by modern stan­dards – help to ease the car into tight park­ing spa­ces.


The XJ6’s en­gine might seem in­tim­i­dat­ing but be­ing very much di­rectly re­lated to the orig­i­nal units of 1948, it’s ac­tu­ally rel­a­tively easy to work on. Just about ev­ery ma­jor conur­ba­tion in­cludes an in­de­pen­dent Jaguar spe­cial­ist that knows it must keep prices low if it is to stay in busi­ness. Com­pa­nies such as XJ Restora­tions can do vir­tu­ally any XJ6-re­lated job and get­ting hold of spares is no prob­lem. Oil changes need to be car­ried out at least ev­ery 7500 miles – but prefer­ably closer to ev­ery 5000 miles. Ad­here to this and you vastly im­prove the chances of the XJ6 en­gine liv­ing long into old age.


Times have changed and most tatty dai­ly­driver Se­ries 3s have long since de­parted to the great tee­ter­ing scrap heap in the sky, leav­ing mostly pris­tine ex­am­ples be­hind. Mem­o­ries of the close bond be­tween the Se­ries 3 and the TV’s favourite car dealer, Mr Arthur Da­ley is fad­ing fast, too (and he drove the Daim­ler ver­sion, any­way). We’re sure that our im­mac­u­late bright red ex­am­ple would be wel­comed at any show, though you’d prob­a­bly have to wait a while on road runs for some of the other en­trants to catch up with you. This car is a rather fine – and in­creas­ingly rare – pe­riod piece in 2017, too, so you’re sure to draw ad­mir­ing crowds, what­ever shows you at­tend.


Make sure you’ve cleared your credit card ready for the fuel bills and there are few modes of clas­sic trans­port more up to the job of whisk­ing you and up to three of your favourite peo­ple off for a long week­end. There’s a sur­pris­ing amount of of room in the boot for lug­gage and the raised rear roof line is a boost for taller back seat pas­sen­gers. The car’s sub­lime ride and gen­eral re­fine­ment would mean that cov­er­ing even huge dis­tances with a car-load of folk would be an ut­terly pain­less experience, too. Es­pe­cially since this way you can split the petrol bills four ways…


A hairy-chested E-type or XK140 might be more of a blast on a twisty, wet B-road, but an XJ6 would pro­vide much of the fun and none of the fear that some of your jour­ney might take place up­side down. Sim­ply put, the XJ is as in­volv­ing as you want it to be. The steer­ing is light, but much meatier than it was on pre­vi­ous XJ6s once you get to know it. If you fancy a chal­lenge, you can make rapid progress through the most sin­u­ous of wind­ing roads, some­thing that’s made all the more driver-friendly by the Jaguar’s ex­cel­lent brakes.

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