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I’m not one for get­ting my hands dirty when it comes to car main­te­nance, but I equally re­sent putting my hand in my pocket when I know I’m just about clever enough to do a job my­self.

The Mon­deo needs a ser­vice, so I set out to see if I could tackle the job one stage at a time – and how much money I could save. First job – air fil­ter. I’ve no idea when the last one was fit­ted, so I de­cided to ‘air’ on the side of caution and buried my head in a Mon­deo Haynes man­ual for a few min­utes be­fore de­cid­ing that it was an easy enough job to do my­self.

Get­ting at the old fil­ter sim­ply in­volved re­leas­ing a col­lec­tion of clips on the fil­ter cas­ing; this was al­ready eas­ier than some of the screw fit­tings I’d seen on other cars – great! Given the age of the car, the clips were quite cor­roded and I wor­ried that one touch might be enough to cause them to dis­in­te­grate. How­ever, they’re made of stronger stuff and I was able to get to the well-used air fil­ter, al­beit af­ter al­most los­ing one of the clips when it sud­denly pinged off and landed per­ilously close to a drain.

Brim­ming with con­fi­dence, I drove down to my lo­cal mo­tor fac­tor and bought a new air fil­ter for a pif­fling £4.99. Back home, I un­clipped the plas­tic hous­ing as be­fore (hav­ing taken care to park well away from any drains), swapped the old dirty fil­ter for the new one and clipped the lid back on. Eas­ier than Lego.

Now a few of you are prob­a­bly think­ing just how easy it is to main­tain your clas­sic in such a way, but these are my first baby steps into car DIY and I’m lov­ing it. Ad­mit­tedly, this is prob­a­bly the eas­i­est job I’ll ever have to do on the Mon­deo, but bring it on – I want to do more now, which is prob­a­bly just as well, be­cause the Mon­deo still needs the rest of its ser­vice do­ing. But for now, part one of many is com­plete.

Spot the new fil­ter – and less than a fiver!

Clips were stronger than they looked.

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