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Citroën DS

It’s hard not to be im­pressed with the DS’s magic car­pet ride, beau­ti­ful han­dling and tech that must have seemed other­worldly to 1950s buy­ers – but in the end we reck­oned the SM was an even big­ger as­sault on the au­to­mo­tive senses.

Suzuki SC100

All the Mini’s chuck­a­bil­ity crossed with baby 911-es­que dy­nam­ics was how we summed up the ‘Whiz­zkid’ when we tested one back in 2013. We love the revvy three-pot en­gine and the way it de­vours tight, twisty roads.

Audi qu­at­tro

Four-wheel drive and the chill­ing howl of a tur­bocharged five-pot en­gine was enough to earn Audi’s gamechanger vic­tory on the world’s rally stages, but in the end our count­down was dom­i­nated by clas­sics with more ana­logue thrills. Per­haps the qu­at­tro’s so far ahead of its time that we haven’t caught up with it yet.

VW Bee­tle

An­other cham­pion of af­ford­able driv­ing fun, but this one nar­rowly missed out. There’s some­thing ad­dic­tive about the way in which a Bee­tle in­volves you in the drive, and the flat four’s off­beat ‘wuf­fle’ – no won­der as­so­ci­ate ed­i­tor David Brown loves his.

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