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All UK-mar­ket ADO16s have an A-Se­ries en­gine; 1098cc in 1100 mod­els and 1275cc in 1300s with ei­ther one or two SU car­bu­ret­tors. The A-Se­ries en­gine is tough and will take hard use (and even some ne­glect), and it can ap­pear healthy – un­til it goes bang. The en­gine’s sta­biliser mount­ing bar bushes dis­in­te­grate on post-1971 and au­to­matic de­riv­a­tives so try rock­ing

the en­gine back and forth. Worn bushes will be ob­vi­ous from the ex­ces­sive play; polyurethane items cost less than £5. The 1275cc en­gine is prone to worn valve guides and stem seals, so look for blue smoke when start­ing up, which then clears. Pis­ton ring wear is also com­mon, an is­sue that’s clearly be­trayed by ex­haust smoke on the over-run, but the en­gine will just keep go­ing.

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