Mind your ‘Ps’, Mr Larkin!

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I have read Mr Larkin’s ar­ti­cles and en­joyed them since he was a ‘lad’. How­ever, his ar­ti­cle on the Rover P3 ( CCW, 19 April) was ob­vi­ously rushed, as it was not very fac­tual.

Be­ing the long-time owner of two P2s, the ‘P’ stands for project, as it started with the pre­war P1. In 1939, the P2 was brought out, with a more rak­ish wind­screen, heater, etc.

The P3, brought out in 1948, was a stop-gap model, in­tro­duced to test out the sus­pen­sion and run­ning gear that was to be used in the P4, hence the short­ened chas­sis. The P3 60 had a four-pot Land Rover en­gine and not pop­u­lar, as it was un­der­pow­ered.

A P60 con­vert­ible was also of­fered, which is now ex­tremely rare, as they too were not pop­u­lar. Janek Gra­jew­ski, NE Club for pre­war Austins sec­re­tary, li­brar­ian & ar­chiv­ist

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