Clas­sic Ford Show

Thou­sands of Fords ar­rive at Santa Pod to show off their speed and style

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With a name like Clas­sic Ford, you’d ex­pect this show to ap­peal to just one type of clas­sic car en­thu­si­ast, but you’d be wrong. This event has some­thing for ev­ery­one, and you wouldn’t have to be a Ford fan to be thrilled by the high revs and tyre screech­ing drag race sprints.

Fam­i­lies and se­ri­ous Ford fans crowded the stands to ad­mire ran­dom com­bi­na­tions of blue oval marked ma­chines, in awe of some of the modded va­ri­eties, but also in ad­mi­ra­tion for the sim­plic­ity of the un­touched. It didn’t mat­ter that a bog-stan­dard Fi­esta MkI would be up against a Cos­worth, the race was all about fun and per­sonal goals to get to that fin­ish line as fast as they could. Ma­genta Wright had mul­ti­ple at­tempts in her own Fi­esta, at­tempt­ing to beat her pre­vi­ous per­sonal best, which she achieved on her first at­tempt.

There were Ford de­lights away from the drag strip with Ford movies play­ing in the bar area plus a ‘Burnout com­pe­ti­tion’ where one of the cars man­aged to burst its tyres quite dra­mat­i­cally. The club ar­eas also pro­vided a sea of vary­ing Fords, with many new mem­bers re­cruited on the day.

Event mar­ke­teer, Matt Ross, said, ‘It was non-stop ac­tion all day. Usu­ally there’s a lull and break in play but to­day has been just in­cred­i­ble.’

Leav­ing the show in a big Ford con­voy was nearly as much fun as be­ing there.

Chas Evans bought this 1974 Es­cort 1300E from a ‘one Grandpa owner’ but now wants to sell it so he can buy a Mus­tang fast­back for him­self and his wife. This Es­cort sat in a barn un­til 2009 when Chas un­der­took a full con­cours restora­tion. Adrian Shim­mans of the AVO Owner’s club al­lowed Adrian ‘Flux Babes’ to help model his 1974 RS2000. He be­gan a six-year restora­tion 16 years ago pre­serv­ing Its gen­uine orig­i­nal­ity. Chas raced Dave San­ter (inset) in his 1973 Es­cort Mex­ico 1600GT. He has owned this car for four years. It still has the orig­i­nal stan­dard en­gine and has un­der­gone a £30k re­build. Ma­genta Wright bought this 1982 Fi­esta 1.1L as her daily drive as she wanted some­thing ‘quick and nippy’. She man­aged to get the car to the fin­ish line in 20.7secs beat­ing her pre­vi­ous best of 20.9secs. ‘Ma­genta said, ‘I had a good run, the start felt good and I had a start re­ac­tion

time of 0.14secs’. The car park was just as glo­ri­ous as the event it­self. Reece Ben­nett pic­tured here with his 1984 Ford Es­cort RS Turbo. He says driv­ing the B-roads to the event was fun. Wes­ley Hayes in his 1987 Sierra RS Cos­worth, which he’s owned for three weeks. He bought it to re­place an ex­ist­ing Cos­worth which re­quired too much work to re­store.

BE­LOW The DGZ Ford Freakz are a rel­a­tively new car club with 43 mem­bers and re­cruited more at the show. Left to right: Peter De­la­mare with his 1978 Es­cort MkII. Craig Mitchell’s Honda S2000en­gined 1980 Es­cort MkII, Club Founder Jamie Pe­plowe’s 1970 Capri, and Liam Pe­plowe with his 1982 Fi­esta MkI.

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