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Ser­vice and prod­uct are key, says Lincs auctioneer

Classic Car Weekly (UK) - - Buying & Selling - COLIN YOUNG

How long has GYM been sell­ing clas­sic cars?

The busi­ness be­gan 153 years ago and the Bourne Auc­tion Rooms has been sell­ing cars and by­gones, like horse­drawn car­riages, since the 1980s.

How do you view to­day’s clas­sic auc­tion market?

With many clas­sic auc­tions in the UK many en­tries are from deal­ers who want ev­ery­thing done for noth­ing, and some auc­tion­eers have sell­ers’ pre­mi­ums that are min­i­mal. We, how­ever, don’t get any trade en­tries be­cause we won’t do some­thing for noth­ing – we aim to of­fer a good ser­vice for a rea­son­able fee.

Would you con­sider hold­ing sales on a more reg­u­lar ba­sis, es­pe­cially as Lin­colnshire is away from where other sales are held?

To­day’s re­al­ity is that it doesn’t mat­ter where a car is when it’s of­fered for sale. A £1 mil­lion Fer­rari can be in Peb­ble Beach or the Fens – the market comes to the goods, which means a car will make the same amount whether it’s of­fered in the West End, Monaco or at a provin­cial auctioneer. Buy­ers go where the car is, whether it’s a Jaguar E-type, a Hum­ber Su­per Snipe or a Skoda Estelle, and they don’t care about the auc­tion house.

What are your thoughts on clas­sic au­to­mo­bilia?

These days big­ger auc­tion com­pa­nies don’t want to do au­to­mo­bilia, so over the past three or four years we have fo­cussed on that, and through that we might see cars be­ing con­signed. We’d like to be one of the coun­try’s lead­ing au­to­mo­bilia auc­tion­eers

How do get cars for your sales?

We tend to get cars from de­ceased es­tates or from peo­ple who know us.

What are your thoughts on a Code of Con­duct for clas­sic car auc­tion­eers, and those busi­nesses of­fer­ing cars di­rectly for sale?

In the past we’ve seen auc­tion­eers who have gone bust, and oth­ers who haven’t run a reg­u­lated client ac­count, which is the big­gest prob­lem. When it comes to sell­ing cars, auc­tion­eers have to be on one side of the fence or the other – it’s bad to be on both sides.

How im­por­tant is it for re­sults to be pub­lished?

Auc­tion­eers live or die by their re­sults.

If pun­ters know there’s a great clas­sic for sale, they’ll travel to bid.

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