We en­joy the Ford Capri 2.8i Spe­cial and put it fully to the test

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1 DailY DriV­iNG

If econ­omy is a pri­or­ity then the Cologne V6’s thirst (in spite of its Bosch K-Jetronic sys­tem) is un­likely to im­press, be­ing some­where in the high teens to low twen­ties, which is likely to make ev­ery­day driv­ing ex­pen­sive. In all other re­spects, though, the Capri MkIII is ideally suited to daily trans­port, given how easy it is to drive. It’s com­fort­able, vis­i­bil­ity is good due to the slim pil­lars and its trade­mark oval rear win­dows, and it re­mains com­pletely un­ruf­fled in traf­fic.

2 iN tHE sEr­ViCE BaY

Main­tain­ing a Capri is straight­for­ward. Ac­cess to en­gine bay ser­vice items is good, with the dis­trib­u­tor, bat­tery and even the washer fluid reser­voir not ob­scured by hoses and pipework. Sourc­ing parts to com­plete an an­nual ser­vice shouldn’t be much of a bother ei­ther, with mar­que spe­cial­ists and gen­eral mo­tor fac­tors able to as­sist. As such, if you fancy look­ing af­ter a Capri from the com­fort of your own drive­way or garage, there are few rea­sons not to do so.

3 oN tHE sHoW Cir­CUit

Ex­pect your week­ends to fill up quickly with a Capri – from smaller shows or evening pub meet­ings to larger events which are ei­ther mar­que-spe­cific or gen­eral clas­sic ex­trav­a­gan­zas, you’ll be wel­comed with open arms. It’s a thor­oughly Bri­tish coupé that’s as equally well thought of to­day as it was in pe­riod. What’s more, the Capri’s go-any­where na­ture (more on that in a mo­ment) means that as long as your wal­let can keep up with the fuel bills, it wouldn’t be a chore for you and your pas­sen­gers – or a chal­lenge for the car it­self – to visit events at op­po­site ends of the coun­try over con­sec­u­tive week­ends.


Lift­ing the rear hatch re­veals plenty of room for a holdall or two, space that can be en­hanced fur­ther by fold­ing the rear seats. That said, if you’ve a mate or three tag­ging along for the ride they won’t find the rear space par­tic­u­larly cramped. The V6-en­gined ver­sions of the Capri are per­fectly happy cruis­ing at 70mph on long mo­tor­way trips. You might find the wind noise tire­some on longer jour­neys – but that’s a mi­nor grum­ble at best.

5 tHE B-roaD Blast

While more than ca­pa­ble of cov­er­ing big dis­tances, it’s on mi­nor roads where the Capri does its best work. Ford’s rear-drive per­for­mance hero has a rep­u­ta­tion as for tai­lout an­tics but you’ll be sur­prised at how be­nign it is;rather than bit­ing back at your ex­u­ber­ance the Capri’s way of sug­gest­ing that you cool it down is through mild and eas­ily cor­rected un­der­steer. Have fun, with­out go­ing too silly, and the Capri won’t dis­ap­point.

En­ginE 2792cc/V6/OHV PowEr 160bhp@5700rpm TorquE 162lb ft@4200rpm MAX­i­MuM SPEEd 129mph 0-60MPh 7.9sec FuEL Con­SuMP­Tion 18-23mpg TrAnS­MiS­Sion RWD, five-speed man­ual En­ginE oiL Cas­trol XL20w/50 – 4.25 litres gEAr­BoX oiL Cas­trol EP80 – 2 litres AXLE oiL Cas­trol EP90 – 1.1 litres

The in­jected Capri Mkiii is in its el­e­ment on B-roads, where over-ex­u­ber­ance is kept in check by mild un­der­steer.

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