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1 BODYSHELL Ex­pect cor­ro­sion, and check panel gaps for signs of poor re­pairs or crash da­m­age. The sills, floors, fuel tank and door bot­toms are the worst af­fected by cor­ro­sion, and check the en­tire chas­sis as thor­oughly as you can.

2 EN­GINES The 1.6-litre B16 engine works hard, so lis­ten for top-end rat­tle. It was re­placed by the 1.8-litre B18 in 1962 (avail­able with one or two carbs - the twin-carb was stan­dard in the US).

3 GEAR­BOXES & CLUTCHES Three -speed manual gear­boxes were re­placed with a four-speed to ac­com­pany the B18 engine.

4 TRIM AND IN­TE­RIOR Op­er­ate all the in­te­rior heater con­trols, be­cause faults in this area can be ex­pen­sive to put right. Check too for signs of wa­ter ingress.

5 BRAKES The brak­ing sys­tem used drums check that they bring the car to a stop firmly.

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