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MIKE LE CAPLAIN I’ve ac­tu­ally driven both of th­ese cars – an early In­ter­cep­tor (to my mind, the best-look­ing of them all) and a chrome-bumper ‘B GT (like­wise). Weirdly though, while the In­ter­cep­tor has been my dream car for years, I en­joyed the ’B more.

Why? Be­cause I’ve missed the In­ter­cep­tor boat. You could buy a good one for less than £15k back in the mid-noughties, but those hal­cyon days soon van­ished as buy­ers priced out of the As­ton Martin mar­ket went look­ing for their big GT kicks else­where. The MG, on the other hand, can still be had for £15k – less, if you’re happy to buy a con­verted B-se­ries car.

The ’B GT is ev­ery bit as good look­ing as the Jensen, too, the rum­ble is just as spine-tin­gling when you bury the throt­tle – both pack blue-col­lar US V8 mus­cle, re­mem­ber – and it han­dles bet­ter. JENSEN IN­TER­CEP­TOR ENGINE 6276cc/V8/OHV POWER 325bhp@4600rpm TORQUE 425lb ft@2800rpm MAX­I­MUM SPEED 140mph 0-60MPH 8.3sec FUEL CON­SUMP­TION 11-15mpg TRANS­MIS­SION RWD, 3-speed auto WHAT TO PAY CON­COURS £3.5k, GOOD £27.5k, US­ABLE £13.5k, PROJECT £6.5k MGB GT V8 ENGINE 3528cc/V8/OHV POWER 137bhp@5000rpm TORQUE 193lb ft@2900rpm MAX­I­MUM SPEED 124mph 0-60MPH 8.2sec FUEL CON­SUMP­TION 1822mpg TRANS­MIS­SION RWD, 4-speed man + o/d WHAT TO PAY CON­COURS £15k, GOOD £11k, US­ABLE £5.5k, PROJECT £2.95k

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