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Hav­ing read Nick Larkin’s ar­ti­cle about find­ing a home for his Rovers ( CCW, 14 June), I know how he feels when it comes to watch­ing his cars sit­ting out­side.

My 1970 Rover 3500 was my first car about three to four years ago and I bought it with the in­ten­sion of fully restor­ing the car.

After a few months of lo­cal use, I com­pletely re­built the Rover in a gazebo on my par­ents’ drive, bat­tling leaks and high winds. Then after the paint re­acted and was found to be the wrong shade, I de­cided to put it back on the road unfinished – half To­bacco Leaf, half Bri­gade Red. It got used in all weather, and I parked it on the street out­side my old girlfriend’s house.

Now, a lovely lo­cal friend who owns a TR6 has let me use one of his garages. For the last 13 months I have been coach paint­ing it by hand us­ing rollers and brushes. Hope­fully it will be back on the road be­fore the end of sum­mer. It will be my ev­ery­day car again, but I’m mak­ing sure it is pro­tected.

It is a much bet­ter car than my plas­tic 1990s Volvo – the high in­sur­ance on that car is putting me off keep­ing the prac­ti­cally free Rover as my sec­ond car. When I’m 25 at the end of the year, mod­ern cars may be a bit more af­ford­able to in­sure. I like the sim­plic­ity of old cars in terms of us­abil­ity as well as fix abil­ity. One day I hope to build my­self a garage some­where. A replica 1950s-60s petrol sta­tion would be nice!

James Dean, by email

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