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Buy­ers are be­com­ing ever savvier, says Bucks dealer

Classic Car Weekly (UK) - - Contents - Keith Red­ding­ton, Clas­sic­mo­bilia

How has the mar­ket been this year?

A chal­lenge. It started off quite well and then sta­bled out. We are find­ing that buy­ers are be­com­ing more fussy about a car’s his­tory and con­di­tion, which is no bad thing. The mar­ket has now sta­bilised a lit­tle, but is still mov­ing well.

Do you think the elec­tion re­sults will have an ef­fect on de­mand?

Be­fore any po­lit­i­cal change the mar­ket al­ways goes a lit­tle quiet, but it’s not long be­fore it’s back on the rails and the phone starts to ring again. Un­til some­thing ma­jor hap­pens, we can see it stay­ing quite sta­ble.

Who’s buy­ing – in­vestors or en­thu­si­asts?

The in­vestor mar­ket is al­ways on the move, mostly un­der the radar, but lately we have seen a num­ber of en­thu­si­asts start­ing to get on the col­lec­tor lad­der and adding to small garage col­lec­tions.

Are cars be­ing bought out­right or on fi­nance?

The fi­nance buyer raised his head at the end of last year, but it’s not some­thing which has turned the mar­ket around yet. But still, the cash buyer is the best op­tion and the one who is al­ways look­ing for that good deal.

Which cars are in, and which are out? For ex­am­ple, is the As­ton Martin mar­ket chang­ing?

The rare one-off beast is still top seller and the one most of the mar­ket is look­ing for. In the As­ton Martin world, we see the 1980s V8 do­ing well, es­pe­cially the Van­tage. DB2/4s have picked up very well and DB7 has be­come a good one to keep an eye on.

What about Rolls-Royce Sil­verShad­ows and Cor­niches?

It’s al­ways been a painful mar­ket for th­ese. A few very good ones, which are more ex­pen­sive, will sell quickly but too many ex­am­ples let the side down. Peo­ple say they’re only worth £10k but they’ll come and look at a good one and it’ll go. Peo­ple are fright­ened of own­ing one but a good one is fan­tas­tic.

‘The rare one-off best is still a top seller’

Is there any make or model that’s ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a sud­den rise in in­ter­est?

The mod­ern clas­sic is still do­ing well and I’m al­ways asked if I have any 1970s or 1980s cars com­ing in. Jaguar E-types are still mov­ing well and some early Porsche 911s (and even the 912) and the 928, are in de­mand now.


Buy­ers are show­ing plenty of in­ter­est in As­tons like this Vi­rage, but not in Rolls-Royces.

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