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The boot lid and bon­net, doors, rear quar­ter pan­els and in­ner wings all need to be checked for cor­ro­sion. The front wings aren’t as much of a prob­lem be­cause they are bolt-on. Cor­ro­sion around the screen sur­rounds can also be dif­fi­cult to re­pair if the rot is ex­ten­sive.

Win­dow rub­bers that are past their best and dried out will al­low wa­ter into the cabin, re­sult­ing in the floors soon be­com­ing crispy. From un­der­neath, you’ll also need to thor­oughly check the sus­pen­sion mount­ing points for the tele­scopic dampers and tor­sion bar springs.

Oil leaks are com­mon and tend to come from the rocker cover gas­kets and crank­shaft oil seal. Look for crank pul­ley move­ment, which points to crank­shaft end float and a likely im­mi­nent en­gine re­build. The pre­scribed pe­riod for oil changes is ev­ery 3000 miles – ev­i­dence of this in the his­tory file is worth its weight in gold.

Over­heat­ing will re­sult if the cool­ing flaps have ei­ther seized or cor­roded – the same ap­plies should the ther­mo­stat fail. Rot af­fect­ing the heat ex­chang­ers is par­tic­u­larly prob­lem­atic be­cause it can re­sult in ex­haust fumes en­ter­ing the cabin.

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