Where will we buy our fuel?

Classic Car Weekly (UK) - - Buying & Selling - RICHARD HUD­SON-EVANS De­tailed anal­y­sis from our man on the sales room floor

With news that the Gov­ern­ment is to force through the end of new petrol en­gined cars, clas­sic car auc­tion price falls of un­known depths are likely in the short term. I fear a long-term col­lapse in most val­ues, as lo­cal au­thor­i­ties are em­pow­ered to tax and then ban old cars from even urban ar­eas. Fos­sil fu­els are in very real dan­ger of dis­ap­pear­ing from what will be a dwin­dling num­ber of fore­courts.

For if the elected politi­cians pre­vent you from driv­ing your clas­sic car where you want to go and you are un­able to re­fuel it when you get there, un­less you have a mo­tor mu­seum, then there would ap­pear to be lit­tle point in en­forced ‘static own­er­ship’ of a for­ever in­ac­tive arte­fact. Maybe only if a col­lec­tor ve­hi­cle can be van­dalised with some sort of green-friendly, retro-fit cas­sette mo­tor, might the con­tin­ued fund­ing of in­creas­ing preser­va­tion costs be jus­ti­fied.

Those own­ers who lose their nerve first will con­sign their clas­sics to auc­tion first and be the first to cash in their chips on a no-re­serve ba­sis and ac­cept what some­body is now pre­pared to pay for a fos­sil-fu­elled clas­sic with the re­al­i­sa­tion that the end of the old road is now nigh.

Those with few driv­ing years in stock may soon be able to land a hith­erto un­af­ford­able in­vestor­grade su­per­car for the yes­ter­day price of a MGB.

Clas­sic car auc­tions may have to re­vert to what, his­tor­i­cally, all auc­tions used to be – real auc­tions, where cur­rent value is estab­lished through all lots sell­ing for what­ever some­body is pre­pared to pay when the ham­mer falls on the day. The new re­al­ity may be a ‘to­day mar­ket’. Thanks to the lat­est Michael Gove bomb­shell, the clas­sic auc­tion mar­ket has just be­come even more un­cer­tain than ever be­fore.

‘The clas­sic car mar­ket has just be­come even more un­cer­tain than ever be­fore’

Go­ing for the price of an MGB soon?

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