WHy i love my volvo 240

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Mick had lit­tle in­ter­est in Volvos un­til he bought his 1992 240 SE two years ago. Now he owns three. He says: ‘It was in a sorry state, need­ing two new whee­larches and rear springs. But it only took a month to get it look­ing as it does now.

‘It’s very re­li­able, eco­nom­i­cal and prac­ti­cal – you can get al­most any­thing in it. We use it for shows and tow­ing a car­a­van, and it car­ries a gazebo as well. They’re so com­fort­able and easy to drive, and ev­ery­thing is where you want it to be, not like on mod­ern cars.

‘ They’re sim­ple to work on, too. Not that you ever re­ally need to do much; this one has now gone through two MoTs with next to noth­ing need­ing to be done. It’s now up to about 130,000 miles yet still feels very good. I’d rec­om­mend a

240 to any­one.’

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