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Classic Car Weekly (UK) - - Contents - by Richard Bar­nett

I know I’m not alone in won­der­ing if chil­dren should be al­lowed into an auc­tion: I’ve been to many sales where over-in­dul­gent par­ents think it’s en­tirely per­mis­si­ble to al­low their off­spring to run amok in the sale room. But not only that – to treat the in­te­ri­ors of cars be­ing of­fered as some sort of ad­ven­ture play­ground.

While it doesn’t seem to hap­pen as much as when I started writ­ing th­ese pages seven years ago, it’s not un­usual to see a spoilt child jump­ing up and down on the seats, per­sist in open­ing and clos­ing the doors and mess­ing around with the switchgear.

For any reg­u­lar punter it’s frus­trat­ing, but imag­ine if that was your car you’d en­tered into an auc­tion, in good faith. While be­ing ex­tremely an­noyed with par­ents, I also sym­pa­thise with auc­tion staff. It’s a sit­u­a­tion that needs han­dling with diplo­macy as we all know just how a sim­per­ing par­ent can act if their child is getting a well de­served telling-off. Now with the school hol­i­days upon us let’s hope par­ent pun­ters don’t treat an auc­tion as a chil­dren’s ac­tiv­ity cen­tre. It isn’t. Ever.

‘Par­ent pun­ters should not treat car auc­tions as ac­tiv­ity cen­tres’

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