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A squeak over speed bumps that ap­pears to em­anate from be­hind the dash­board means worn front up­per wish­bone bushes; they last about 50k miles and it’s best to avoid cheap replacements. Lower wish­bone bushes should last un­til 80k miles. Rear arm bushes will likely need do­ing around the same time, and lis­ten out for a rat­tle over bumps that point to tired anti-roll bar bushes and drop links. Hard-driven cars will get through pads and discs but there are no in­her­ent prob­lems, En­sure ABS and trac­tion con­trol lights aren’t glow­ing as elec­tronic nig­gles aren’t un­com­mon. Of­fi­cial re­calls re­lated to brake pipe and sus­pen­sion is­sues so en­sure these have been dealt with, and check the con­di­tion of al­loy wheels, as the de­sign makes them sus­cep­ti­ble to kerb dam­age.

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