Mo­tor­cy­cle mys­tery solved

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In The Way We Were of 27 Septem­ber fea­tur­ing Cal­lan­der, Stir­ling, in 1955, Richard Gunn com­ments about the strangest-look­ing ve­hi­cle parked by the right-hand kerb.

He says it looks like a mo­tor­cy­cle side­car but there’s no sign of a bike and won­ders if it’s an in­valid car­riage or has the mo­tor­cy­cle dis­ap­peared by de­sign or ac­ci­dent. It is in­deed a mo­tor­cy­cle side­car… and the mo­tor­cy­cle is still there, at­tached to it.

In Bri­tain, the side­car is gen­er­ally on the left-hand side of the mo­tor­cy­cle, and if you look at the pic­ture again you will re­alise that you are view­ing the rear of the side­car. Look to the right of it and you will dis­cern what ap­pears to be part of the mo­tor­cy­cle body­work and above that you’ll see the han­dle­bars and per­haps a mir­ror. Just above the han­dle­bar and speedome­ter area there is a clearly de­fined dark straight edge which will be the out­line of a han­dle­bar mounted fair­ing, and im­me­di­ately above that edge you’ll spot that the build­ing in the dis­tance is slightly blurred for a small area. That small blurred area can be seen to be the size and shape of the clear wind­shield at­tached to the han­dle­bar fair­ing.

So… there’s no mys­tery. Apart from where have the rider and pas­sen­ger gone off to... and why? Steve Thomas, Wir­ral, Mersey­side

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