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The 2498cc straight-six fit­ted to Mich­e­lotti’s TR4A body cre­ates the new TR5 for 1967. It of­fers 150bhp from Lu­cas fuel in­jec­tion for Uk-mar­ket cars, re­sult­ing in 121mph, with twin car­bu­ret­tors and 105bhp for Us-spec TR250.

A re­place­ment for the TR5 is re­quired, but money is short so the job passes to Kar­mann of Ger­many, which leaves the cen­tral tub the same, but changes front and rear pan­elling to pro­duce 1969’s TR6. NON-US TR6 PIS are fuel-in­jected with 150bhp; US ones have twin Stromberg car­bu­ret­tors and 104bhp.

Gear ra­tios are al­tered in 1971 to ra­tio­nalise them with the Tri­umph Stag.

At the end of 1972, power on the PI mod­els drops by 17bhp in an at­tempt to make the car more re­fined and the en­gine less stressed.

A lip spoiler and over­drive be­come stan­dard as part of 1973’s im­prove­ments.

UK TR6 deleted in 1975 and US ex­ports cease in 1976, af­ter 255,571 sep­a­rate-chas­sis TRS built.

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