April 2018 Is­sue 537 Phil falls un­der the spell of a wild bunch of Lam­borgh­i­nis, con­firm­ing that life’s too short to be sen­si­ble

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There’s some­thing about the wild spirit of Lam­borgh­ini that chal­lenges my con­vic­tions. Ask me what type of car I like, and I’ll de­scribe a pow­er­ful, el­e­gant grand tourer, all grace­ful lines, del­i­cate de­tails and easy-ac­cess rapid progress on all road types. But open the doors to my imag­i­nary 10-car barn and you’ll find a Fer­rari F40 and Lam­borgh­ini Miura in there. And un­like a cou­ple of my choices that are near­est the door, ‘bought’ on a whim for a quick fix and soon to be sold on, these two are in there for the long term.

The Miura that I drive on the Lam­borgh­ini & De­sign Tour this is­sue has such a force­ful per­son­al­ity that it’s hard not to fall hope­lessly un­der the spell cast by that bodyshape, that en­gine and the vis­ceral way that it drives. I even found my­self rev­el­ling in its unashamedly show-off aura. Same goes for the Jalpa, LM002 and Hu­racán that com­pleted a per­fectly sur­real day in Switzer­land.

If this is­sue were a car dat­ing site, a Bent­ley Con­ti­nen­tal R, Fer­rari 456 or As­ton Martin Vi­rage would more likely pop up as a per­fect match, and they cer­tainly come much closer to my real-world bud­get. There’s a pow­er­fully mag­netic force about once hy­per-ex­clu­sive grand tour­ers be­ing ac­ces­si­ble from as lit­tle as a sixth of their price new. The pos­si­bil­i­ties are enough to give me sleepless nights, as much for fear of ex­pen­sive re­pairs as the thrill of own­er­ship. But each one of them rep­re­sents a chance to re­live the youth­ful thrill of try­ing to run my first cars on a stu­dent grant. Only with higher stakes.

The safer op­tion is of course to buy a bet­ter ex­am­ple and trade off the higher price against more man­age­able run­ning costs, and as Sam Daw­son re­veals in the big test, some of our choices can prove al­most sen­si­ble to own. Not as sen­si­ble as a modern tur­bod­iesel fam­ily sa­loon, ob­vi­ously, but if hav­ing an easy life were top of our pri­or­i­ties, you and I wouldn’t be so be­sot­ted with old cars, would we?

En­joy the is­sue.

Phil does his best im­pres­sion of the Miura’s cool­ing vent

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