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Classic Cars (UK) - - Epic Restoration -

TR5 PI is most sought after and ex­pen­sive, with top-notch cars fetch­ing £75k; reg­u­lar ex­am­ples £35k-50k, resto projects £20k+.

Reg­u­lar TR4S can be found in su­perb or­der for £27k-32k, useable ex­am­ples for £15k-25k and projects from £4k. The TR6 PI used to be the bar­gain TR, but out­stand­ing CP cars now cost

£30k-35k, rea­son­able ones £18k-28k and projects c£5k. CR in­jec­tion cars are 20-25% less and car­bu­ret­tor TR6S are about half a CP car.

TR250S are £20-25k/£12-17k/£6k.

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