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Do you make, im­port or oth­er­wise sup­ply bits and pieces, cloth­ing or other things that the clas­sic and vin­tage off- road rid­ing com­mu­nity use? If so, then your prod­uct could be on these pages. Con­tact He­len in ad­ver­tis­ing on 01507 529574 or edi­tor Tim Bri

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Got some­thing to help the off-road world go faster, keep their feet up longer or re­main more on time in an en­duro? Tell us, we’ll put it in this bit.

1. Briggs and Strat­ton power wash

It is al­most ironic that at the very time a su­perb pres­sure washer is loaned to the edi­tor of Clas­sic Dirt Bike he hasn’t got a mo­tor­cy­cle dirty enough to use it on… Any­way, this Briggs and Strat­ton Elite 3000PX pres­sure washer man­aged to clean the CDB van quite eas­ily and all of the muck un­der the wheel arches, from the last trip into a field at a trial, is long gone.

With 3000psi wa­ter pres­sure at 207 bar and fea­tur­ing no less than seven clean­ing sys­tems in one easy to use noz­zle, which will give op­tions of a fine spray for del­i­cate rins­ing to a strong jet of wa­ter which ac­tu­ally made the gun hard to hold, there doesn’t seem to be any­thing the washer can’t cope with. It can de­liver up to 1134 litres of wa­ter per hour which seems pretty im­pres­sive to us. There’s a hose length of nine me­tres, all the ac­ces­sories clip on, it is pow­ered by a Briggs & Strat­ton 875EX Se­ries OHV 190cc petrol en­gine. There was some assem­bly re­quired when it came in the box, once to­gether and the oil checked, petrol tank filled and gar­den hose con­nected it took three pulls on the starter to fire up the washer.

What is it? A self pow­ered pres­sure washer which re­quires only a hose to at­tach it to the wa­ter sup­ply. What’s the cost? It’ll set you back £629 in­clud­ing VAT Where do you get it? Briggs & Strat­ton Power Prod­ucts are avail­able through Hen­ton & Chat­tell’s – to find your near­est dealer, visit www.hcuk.co

2. Monza cap

A time­less de­sign will fit any era and the clas­sic, flip-up Monza style cap is just such a de­sign. De­vel­oped in the Thir­ties by Enots it was meant to speed re­fu­elling or top­ping up oil tanks dur­ing races and the fact it looked good was se­condary to its per­for­mance. An in­cred­i­bly sim­ple idea, a threaded ‘neck’ is at­tached to the fuel or oil tank, usu­ally by weld­ing, the cap is threaded to suit, it screws on and is locked in place. In or­der to open the cap so fuel or oil can be added there is a small catch which when pressed al­lows the hinged lid to flip up. Once the liq­uid is in it is a sim­ple mat­ter to press down the cap so it locks closed. There are a range of sizes avail­able but ours is the 2in/50mm ver­sion and is am­ple enough for the spout of a fuel can or even a petrol pump noz­zle to fit in. Mead Speed, where our cap came from, stock a 2½in/63mm ver­sion too.

What is it? It is a clas­sic quick ac­tion fuel cap. What’s the cost? The 50mm/2in cap is £33 and the al­loy neck to suit is £12.50. All prices are plus VAT and postage. Where do you get it? Mead Speed, www.mead­speed.com Tel: 01908 610311 email info@mead­speed.com

3. Cir­clip pli­ers

It is pos­si­ble to man­age with­out cir­clip pli­ers, but as with all spe­cial­ist tools they make the job so much eas­ier. Cir­clips are a ma­jor part of mo­tor­cy­cles these days and typ­i­cal ar­eas they will be found in are fork slid­ers hold­ing seals in place, pistons preventing gud­geon pins (wrist pins if you’re read­ing this in the USA) from slid­ing out or in gear clus­ters mak­ing sure cogs stay in the right place. There are two types of cir­clips on most mo­tor­cy­cles, those which sit inside a ma­chined groove and are ‘in­ter­nal’ and those which go over a shaft and are ‘ex­ter­nal’. In or­der to re­move the for­mer, the ears of the cir­clip need to be squeezed to­gether to make it smaller while the lat­ter need squeez­ing apart so the cir­clip is big­ger. Nor­mally this would re­quire two pairs of pli­ers but this handy kit, from World’s End Mo­tor­cy­cles, has in­ter­change­able ends so the same pair do both types.

What are they? They’re multi-use cir­clip pli­ers with in­ter­change­able ends de­pend­ing on which cir­clips you need to re­move. What’s the cost? They’re on the Wemoto Web­site at £6.36 plus VAT and postage. Where do you get ’em? Worlds End Mo­tor­cy­cles Ltd. Tel: 01273 597072 www.wemoto.com

4. M and H paddock stand

It’s okay if your van is close by when you’re at an event as all your tools and kit will equally be close at hand, but, if as at some events only your bike is al­lowed in the pits a good way away from your parked ve­hi­cle, then how do you trans­port ev­ery­thing you need? This sim­ple idea from M and H Laser Ltd could be the an­swer.

The one we saw at the Mo­tul In­ter­na­tional Dirt Bike Show looked very well made in laser cut stain­less steel, ac­cu­rately folded and had plenty of room for car­ry­ing tools, oils and fuel. Even bet­ter it comes with a set of wheels and a long han­dle so all your en­ergy can be saved for rac­ing. Fixed to the top is a non-slip cov­er­ing made from phe­no­lic resin coated trailer deck­ing so your bike won’t slip off when you’re mak­ing those pre-race ad­just­ments, or fet­tling be­tween heats.

This fab­u­lous bit of kit can be cus­tomised with your name or that of your spon­sor, or just your race num­ber. The stand is avail­able in three sizes – or it will be by the time you’re read­ing this – to suit Pre-65, twin­shock and Evo ma­chines. We’re told M and H will have all three on their stand at the Clas­sic Dirt Bike Show on February 18/19.

What is it? Cus­tom bike stand and tool cart. Where do you get it? M and H Laser Ltd, Tel: 01822 617102 Web: www.mh­laser.co.uk Email: sales@mh­laser.co.uk

5. Yamaha Monoshock

With monoshock bikes now well into the clas­sic era, their sus­pen­sion units are ob­vi­ously well set­tled in… and maybe well set­tled out, be­cause if you imag­ine how many times a unit com­presses and ex­tends through­out its life then it’s no won­der things wear.

Okay a mono sus­pen­sion unit isn’t as eas­ily dam­aged as twin shocks but rods wear, seals go and fluid leaks out and then it’s good­bye to damp­ing. Luck­ily, Gary Fleck­ney at Rock shocks has been on the case for those of us with Yamaha TY250 Mono mod­els and he’s been de­vel­op­ing a unit to fit straight on to this pop­u­lar ma­chine. Made with the same ideals as the com­pany’s twin shocks – ease of fit­ting, ease of main­te­nance, ease of tun­ing to in­di­vid­ual spec – the Monoshock is a proven win­ner too as shown in our mas­sive Kia Se­ries test an is­sue or two ago when Steve Bird al­lowed us to test ride his Yamaha with the de­vel­op­ment unit on.

Like all Rock shocks’ prod­ucts, there is a full spares back-up and tun­ing ad­vice is but an email away and there’s even a cou­ple of in­struc­tive movie clips in the ser­vice sec­tion.

What is it? It’s a re­place­ment shock for Yamaha TY250 Mono mod­els. What’s the cost? £325 for the ba­sic spec. Where d’you get it? See Rock shocks web­site www.rock­shocks.co.uk or tel: 01234 741800 or see them at the Clas­sic Dirt Bike Show at Telford on February 18/19.

6. Com­ing clean

Work­ing on mo­tor­cy­cles, be they new or old, means your hands are go­ing to get grubby. When that hap­pens what’s needed is a good cleaner to safely and gen­tly re­move the grime be­fore you pick up your sarnie.

This is where our first AMMO prod­uct comes in. Mucky Mitts is a cit­rus-based biodegrad­able cleaner which is tough on oil and the like but kind to the skin.

The sec­ond of the AMMO clean­ers fea­tured here is a biodegrad­able and eco-friendly brake cleaner. In the good old days it was ac­cept­able to blow brake dust out of drums and off discs, then it was dis­cov­ered the dust was nasty stuff which caused se­ri­ous health prob­lems. These days brake shoes and pads don’t con­tain nasty stuff like as­bestos but let’s not take a chance and use a liq­uid cleaner to wash the stuff off.

AMMO’S .243 brake cleaner and de­greaser can be di­luted down to 80:1 for hard sur­face clean­ing but see the di­lu­tion rates on the la­bel for dif­fer­ent ap­pli­ca­tions.

What is it?: A range of qual­ity clean­ers for your dirt bike. Who does it: Pre­ci­sion Clean Ltd Where do I get it: www.am­mo­pro.co.uk What’s it cost: var­i­ous prices de­pend­ing on the prod­uct but most in the £6 to £10 range.

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