The weight­ing game

Classic Dirtbike - - Suzuki RN 370 -

It is the task of fea­ture writ­ers to at­tempt an ex­pla­na­tion of com­plex physics and au­to­mo­tive dy­nam­ics in as few words as pos­si­ble. While weight re­duc­tion is a de­sir­able aim for a com­pe­ti­tion bike de­signer there are dif­fer­ent types of weight, these be­ing ‘all-up’ ‘sprung’ and ‘un­sprung.’ At­ten­tion to each area can al­ter the way a bike feels and it’s easy to get it wrong and al­ter the bal­ance of a bike. Briefly – and this sub­ject is an in­volved one – a lower over­all weight is gen­er­ally good but carv­ing lbs or kgs off one end of the bike and not the other will lower the weight but al­ter the bal­ance point… then there’s sprung weight which is the bulk of the bike above the sus­pen­sion. Un­sprung weight is that mass which moves when the bike is be­ing rid­den, ef­fec­tively the wheels and half of the sus­pen­sion units.

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