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It doesn’t mat­ter what make your bike is, with­out spark it’s an or­na­ment. One of the prob­lems fac­ing own­ers of more mod­ern twin­shock and evo ma­chin­ery now com­ing in to the clas­sic scene is the ig­ni­tions con­tain com­po­nents which are not owner ser­vice­able in the way older ig­ni­tions were. Once you add in that of­ten such ig­ni­tion parts are prob­a­bly ob­so­lete now, then it starts to get in­ter­est­ing.

Luck­ily for own­ers of ‘B’ and ‘C’ mod­els of Yamaha’s DT360/400, Rex’s Speed­shop can help solve your ig­ni­tion woes with their Pulser­less Cdi/pick-up re­pair kit. These mod­els have a black plas­tic pick-up that is no longer ob­tain­able ad­di­tion­ally, nei­ther the pick-up or the CDI were a good de­sign to start with, both are known to cause prob­lems and it’s dif­fi­cult to tell what is caus­ing the prob­lem.

Rex’s pulser-less CDI unit does away with this trou­ble­some pick-up. No other changes to the charg­ing or elec­tri­cal sys­tem are needed, even the HT coils stays the same! Down­side? The back plate of the gen­er­a­tor needs the ad­just­ment slots elon­gat­ing which means set­ting the tim­ing with a strobe lamp, but oth­er­wise this is an ex­tremely neat so­lu­tion.

WHAT IS IT? It is a pulser-less CDI unit for DT360/400 Yamaha two-strokes. WHAT’S IT COST? The ex­port kit is £99.95 but if you want them to do the ma­chin­ing there’ll be a £40 plus VAT charge as well. WHERE DO YOU GET IT? From Mar­cus Rex at Rex’s Speed­shop rexs-speed­shop.com Tel: 01580 880 768

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