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Late model Bultaco Sher­pas haveha a com­pli­cated ex­haust sys­tem whicich ends in a mas­sive club-like steel si­lencerr that’s prob­a­bly an ap­pre­cia­ble weight of the wh­w­hole bike. When new, the sys­tem is nice and quiet – a fac­tor which led to these mod­els of­ten be­ing nick­named ‘whis­per­ing won­ders’ when they came on the scene – but nearly 40 years on most si­lencers are just a steel box with lit­tle pack­ing left in­side. Yes, they can be repacked but that means cut­ting them open and weld­ing them up again af­ter all the crud has been cleaned out, nei­ther a pleas­ant nor easy job.

Luck­ily, Dave Ren­ham at Bultaco UK has been on the case with WES ex­hausts and they’ve been de­vel­op­ing a com­plete re­place­ment si­lencer in light­weight alu­minium with an easy repack fa­cil­ity built in. Most peo­ple will, or should, know a prop­erly packed ex­haust is crit­i­cal for the best per­for­mance from a two-stroke so any­thing which makes it easier has got to be good. Bultaco UK tell us there are two ver­sions – the dif­fer­ence is in the in­let tube di­am­e­ter so make sure you or­der the right one.

WHAT IS IT? It’s an alu­minium alloy repack­able si­lencer for 1976 on Bultaco Sherpa mod­els. WHAT’S IT COST? It costs £156 in­clud­ing VAT but plus post and pack­ing. WHERE DO YOU GET IT? It’s avail­able from In Mo­tion Bultaco UK­mo­tion­tri­ Tel: 01784 440033

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