En­gine work be­gins.

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If you aren’t do­ing the span­ner­ing your­self then labour is go­ing to be a sub­stan­tial part of your bill. On this en­gine Pete O’dell spent more than three hours wrestling the bar­rels off the cor­roded studs. That adds sus­tain­ably to the strip­down costs but there’s in­evitably an el­e­ment of un­cer­tainty about re­build­ing decades-old en­gines. Al­most any­one should be able to strip an en­gine but the ques­tion is not so much ‘can’ as ‘how’. Know­ing when to ap­ply force or not, hav­ing ac­cess to the cor­rect tools and pullers, a clean work­ing area and stor­age con­tain­ers... all this and more dic­tate the ve­rac­ity of an en­gine rebuild. Of course, we all have to start some­where and learn but it is gen­uinely pos­si­ble to raise your rebuild costs sim­ply by charg­ing in. If in doubt ask or buy in ex­per­tise.

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