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Q: My Suzuki GSX-R1100G runs and starts per­fectly af­ter the fit­ting of a new starter mo­tor. With en­gine warmed to run­ning tem­per­a­ture, the en­gine is than revved to 5000rpm and the bat­tery is charg­ing to 14.54v (this to check al­terna­tor charg­ing, min­i­mum is 13.50v.) But when at tick­over and the main head­light switched on the en­gine dies. Turn the lights off and it restarts first press and it quite hap­pily ticks over, se­lect the main head­lights again and it dies! A: That does sound strange. The al­terna­tor and charg­ing sys­tem seem to be okay. One ex­pla­na­tion would be that the head­lamps draw so much power that the ex­tra drag caused by the al­terna­tor stalls the en­gine: hardly likely. So it must be a short cir­cuit, de­priv­ing the ig­ni­tion sys­tem of power – but the head­lamps and ig­ni­tion are fed by sep­a­rate fuses, nei­ther of which blows as the bike seems to work okay af­ter­wards, un­less your bike’s wiring has been mod­i­fied of course. I think you are go­ing to have to get hold of a copy of the wiring di­a­gram and work your way through with a se­ries of log­i­cal tests. You can try a num­ber of things: firstly do the head­lamps work okay, de­spite the en­gine stop­ping? You might try tak­ing one or both head­lamp bulbs out, or tak­ing fuses out one by one, etc to iso­late the cause.

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