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Those old say­ings ring true: you get what you pay for and if you’ve got a tup­pence ’ap­peny ’ead, get a cheap lid. Now, there’s a rea­son why the likes of Fred­die Spencer, Kevin Sch­wantz, Mick Doohan and even Barry Sheene wore Arai – and it’s nowt to do with spon­sor­ship (the Japs ap­par­ently were no­to­ri­ously tight in that re­gard) it is down to safety and tech­nol­ogy. Now, Arai may have is­sues with the UK’S ar­guably-flawed SHARP sys­tem (which takes im­pact points on the lid where Arai tra­di­tion­ally have their side­pods) but you can’t ar­gue with his­tory – an Arai has al­ways been thought of as the top of the tech­no­log­i­cal lid-tree. And here’s the lat­est ver­sion. The new Arai RX-7V fol­lows on from the RX-7S of yore and the out­go­ing RX-7GP – the RX7 range has been around for the last 20 years. The lid has a com­pletely new PBSNC² outer shell along with the rev­o­lu­tion­ary VAS (Vari­able Axis Sys­tem) vi­sor, with a new and ‘bet­ter’ lock­ing sys­tem and the new Eco Pure liner, im­proved ‘dif­fuser’ (we think that’s the rear spoiler). The big change from what we can gather is more room for a rider’s face. Sounds daft, we know, but of­ten peo­ple claimed to have ‘Shoei’ or ‘Arai’ heads – never both. With the 7V you have 3mm of ex­tra face and chin room. Handy if you’re Brucie or Jimmy Hill. Ven­ti­la­tion has al­ways been an Arai’s strong point, and the new top duct pro­vides 11% more air­flow along with big­ger switches for gloved hands. The new chin vent of­fers a dual pivot de­sign, al­low­ing you to shield de­fog­ging or in­crease rider com­fort (we will see as the top Arai al­ways seemed a bit too ‘venty’ as a wet-weather lid, even if vi­sors rarely leaked on the in­side). Fi­nally, for sweaty Bet­tys like edi­tor Ber­tie, the new fully re­mov­able in­te­rior liner sys­tem has been im­proved with ‘EcoPure’ ma­te­rial. While this sounds like a loo pa­per your nan uses, ap­par­ently it main­tains a bal­anced ph and has an­tibac­te­rial and de­odor­is­ing prop­er­ties. It’s prob­a­bly thor­oughly ab­sorbent too!

Price is from a chok­ingly high £599.99 (blame the ex­change rate) but this Fred­die Spencer replica is to die for! Go to: www.wh­ for more.

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